I was born in Florida, but lived most of my life in Richmond, Virginia.

After graduating from the Experience Design track at the VCU Brandcenter in May, 2015, I sold 90% of my belongings, converted a minivan into an RV and went on a 9 day cross-country road trip that ended in the Bay Area, where I currently reside.

I'm a creator and fixer by nature. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Almost 100% of everything I do is self-taught.

If I'm not working on a design or DIY project, you can most likely find me in the woods somewhere camping with my friends. I'm an avid outdoors enthusiast and adventurer, and find my inspiration in the middle of nowhere.

True or False?

I build vintage mopeds.

True! One of my favorite hobbies is building and renovating vintage mopeds. I have two currently: a 1979 Puch FreeSpirit and a 1977 Vespa Ciao.

I'm a diver.

True. I'm a lover of all things ocean, and received my PADI open water diving certification in 2012.

I'm a special effects makeup artist.

True! I do commissioned work for characters for video shoots and other peoples' Halloween costumes. My zombie Little Mermaid costume won "Best Pop Culture Zombie" at the 2012 Richmond Zombie Walk.

I'm a world-class bartender.

Sort of true. I may not be "world-class," but I bartended for 10 years in all types of establishments ranging from fine dining restaurants to rowdy, busy nightclubs, so I'd say I'm pretty good.

I'm a nationally-ranked frisbee golfer.

False. I can't throw a frisbee to save. my. life.

I make and sell elaborate headdresses and other festival fashion.

True! I have an Etsy page. Check it out here.

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