I do a lot of really fun stuff.

One of my favorite hobbies (outside of doing fun stuff) is shooting and editing video footage.

I bring my GoPro with me pretty much everywhere I go. I rig it up to mopeds and helmets and film moped rally rides all over the country. I bring it with me to festivals and shoot festival-goers in their happiest natural habitats. I film all my adventures and excursions. All of my most awesome moments are captured forever on my trusty GoPro.

My experience with video editing carried over into my work, where I did short found-footage concept clips for client pitches while at Clorox.

Included below are four samples of videos that I created. And, if you're interested, below that is a link to my top secret Google Drive folder containing my collection of full sets from live shows that I attended. I don't post these videos to social media because they get removed from YouTube almost immediately thanks to the music-detecting algorithms they have in place. Instead, I upload them to the drive and share them with whomever might be interested in watching them. Enjoy!