In 2013 I bought a red 50cc 1978 Puch Maxi.

Shortly after, it broke down.

Since I've never been the type of person to throw something away when it breaks, I decided to teach myself how to fix it. With the help of YouTube,, and some new friends I had made who were part of a local moped club, I repaired my Maxi and was back on the road.

Soon after that, it broke down again. And again. And again. (Mini history lesson time: the reason why these silly little vehicles went out of style after the gas crisis ended in the seventies was because they break down. A lot.)

Every time it broke down, though, I fixed it. And what ended up happening was I got pretty good at fixing them. So I started building them from scratch, and next thing you knew I had a collection of them. I ride them...they break...I fix them. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Some people call being into mopeds a masochistic hobby. I like to call it a labor of love.

Nowadays, I travel all over the country throughout the year and attend moped rallies where we go on huge group rides (and party) in cities like Chicago, Portland, and New Orleans (to name just a few). I believe that the absolute best way to see a new city is on a moped. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of other moped enthusiasts out there and they're my favorite people in the whole world.

Oh, and remember that moped club that helped me fix my Maxi for the first time back in 2013? I'm a proud member now. Rebel rebel!