Special Effects Makeup

I'm kind of obsessed with Halloween. I go all out on my costumes every year, partially because store-bought Halloween costumes are crap. My costumes are always carefully thought-out and handmade. Plus, I'm an artist, and it's an excuse to make and wear something extra ridiculous.

I've also always been a horror/thriller/SciFi movie fan, and think zombies are hella cool. Fun fact: I have a giant tattoo of a zombie Snow White eating brains on my leg.

In Richmond every year right before Halloween there is a Zombie Walk that's organized to raise money for a local charity. Hundreds of people dress up as zombies shuffle and snarl down a stretch of road in the Carytown district and it's SO FUN. Anyone can participate as long as you wear your best zombie face and act the part.

They also hold a zombie competition with different categories that you can win. So, in 2012, I finally decided to enter. I went all-out on a zombie Little Mermaid costume- six hours worth of makeup, to be exact.

I took home the trophy that year for "Best Pop Culture Zombie." I'd say it's one of my proudest achievements. It was the first and last competition that I entered. I figured I'd retire on a high note.

The recognition that I received allowed me to start taking commissioned jobs doing other peoples' special effects makeup. I've also done makeup for characters in video shoots, such as a burn victim zombie for a music video. It's super fun to do, and an added bonus is I get to make some extra cash on the side.